Business, Risk and Compliance Consulting

Organizations need a range of advisory services to support their long-term growth plans.

Our advisory teams use local and global knowledge to help you achieve your goals by understanding the issues and challenges facing your business.

At MOORE, we offer high quality solutions in over 100 countries around the world, competing with the largest consulting firms and being flexible to your needs.

We have a proven track record of working with a range of clients - from family businesses to public companies and established global entities - helping them develop their business strategies.

Risk management and the application of best practices in corporate governance have become an increasingly important aspect of global business. While many companies are required by law, regulation or stakeholders to apply these processes and procedures, it is important to implement them as part of a successful business strategy.

At MOORE we work with companies in all sectors, advising on their governance structures, providing a range of services designed to support clients in maintaining strong corporate governance frameworks, so that we can assist in the effective management of risk, also helping to improve transparency in accountability.

Among the services we offer we can highlight the following:
  • Analysis and Organizational Diagnosis.
  • Organizational Restructuring.
  • Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems of organizational management.
  • Management, Strategic Alignment and Balance Score Card. Corporate Governance.
  • Design and Redesign of Business Processes.
  • Economic evaluations of projects, planning and control of projects.
  • Evaluation and design of internal administrative and accounting control systems. 
  • Special services for the physical taking of asset inventories.
  • Services related to business development, such as courses and seminars for updating, training and coaching of personnel.
  • Consulting in topics related to the development of business activities, design and development of strategies. 
  • Implementation and evaluation of:
    • Systems for the Prevention of Money Laundering.
    • Internal Control Systems.
    • Compliance Management Systems.
  • Analysis of the entity's risks and design of prevention and control measures.
  • Internal auditing.
  • Business continuity.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Law implementation and/or revision.