Our outsourcing service allows companies to optimize their cost structures, professionalizing their departments and controlling their structural costs. This service is designed to suit the client's needs (monthly reporting to the matrix, translation of balance sheets into the format and language of the matrix...), and the nature of ownership (public or private).

Our Outsourcing Department is made up of specialized professionals with extensive experience in local accounting, labor and administrative matters.

The quality of our professional services in Outsourcing & BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) allows our clients to focus their resources and efforts on strategic areas, with the confidence that we will permanently support them to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our line of professional services in Outsourcing & BPO includes the following:

  • Accounting Outsourcing: which consists of the coordination and accounting registration of all transactions generated by your company, in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in Spain and with the commercial, labor, exchange and tax rules and regulations, both national and municipal, for the use of the administration.
  • Tax compliance outsourcing: we take care of the preparation and filing of annual tax returns such as withholding tax certifications.
  • Outsourcing of administrative activities: which consists of the advice and support of your company's administrative activities, such as invoicing processes, registration of collections, payments to suppliers and control of bank balances.
  • Payroll Outsourcing: which includes the advice and support in the registration and affiliation of payroll personnel to Social Security, payroll settlement and payment, settlement and payment of social security contributions, maintenance of records and issuance of certificates as necessary, among other aspects.