Our approach to auditing is based on a thorough knowledge of the audited entity's operations, systems and controls and the environment in which it operates.

Our procedures are adapted to both manual systems and computerized environments. The specialization of our firms allows us to carry out work for both small and medium sized companies as well as for larger organizations with an international structure.

We audit both under Spanish accounting principles and under International Accounting Standards (IAS) and apply International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

MOORE's reports are recognized by all organizations both nationally and internationally. All reports can be issued in different languages.

The most common services provided in this area are:

  • Financial Audit of individual and consolidated Annual Accounts.
  • Legal and voluntary audits.
  • Tax audit to detect and evaluate possible contingencies.
  • Preparation and review of reports for consolidations.
  • Limited revisions of financial information with agreed procedures.
  • Special reports for legal or other requirements.
  • Certification of specific facts.
  • Consulting on internal control.
  • Auditing of national and international grants.